We are extremely proud of all our team members and they are the key to our success. At Afflatus, we consistently adapt to the needs of the industry by investing in our team's development through training programs and travel. These start at the operator level and cover all levels of management. Engaging with reputed industry experts helps us achieve greater heights. This culture of improvement ensures a dynamic, progressive and healthy work environment.

Afflatus Group - Design and Product Development

Design and Product Development

We offer you a wide spectrum of design and product development services. Starting from fabrics we foresee hitting the High Street and catwalks to design collections specially customized for your clients. We also help you develop and build your own design line.

Our expert merchandising teams focus on knowing YOU as our customer. We ensure the ideal mix of design details and aesthetics to achieve your price points and construction standards. Our expertise at cost engineering ensures that we build the best product and quality at the price you need.

Afflatus Group - Approval Management

Approval Management

Our experienced team provides on-the-ground expertise in managing color and fit of your products, as an extension to your own teams. This greatly increases speed to market and bridges the time gap by streamlining communication.

Afflatus Group - Quality and Production Management

Quality and Production Management

To insure on-time deliveries that meet your order specifications, our highly trained production management professionals are your eyes and ears on the ground. These teams closely monitor the production process and provide firsthand, work-in-progress updates and identify and report any issues for quick resolution.

The quality assurance team provides you with advice and guidance from the early development stage through to the pre-production stage. The quality control teams are responsible for keeping watch throughout the production process, performing a minimum of two in-line audits to avoid problems before they occur and one final inspection prior to delivery.

We ensure that your products are produced as specified and of the highest quality, as evidenced by our near-zero low quality claim rate.

Afflatus Group - Compliance


Our internal compliance standards are second to none and have been recognized by major customers across the globe. Our work adheres to strict legal requirements and ethical best business practices. We are compliant and certified by GOTS, Sedex, Smeta, OCS, Higg Index, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.